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Prepare to be amazed, bewitched and bewildered! Für 18 zeitlose Wochen gab es jeden Mittwoch auf Instagram eine neue Episode von:


the haiku series

Exploring the multiverse with eternal appetite for silly space adventures and the sweet sensational thrills lurking in the shadows of puzzling wordplay and haikus.

-------------------------------EPISODE #1------------------------------

goosebumps in the suit

a future with no tomorrow

good plans always change

-------------------------------EPISODE #2------------------------------

only gravity

underneath the icy moon

defines ups and downs

-------------------------------EPISODE #3------------------------------

I see what I am

a million broken shades but

complete from afar

-------------------------------EPISODE #4------------------------------

a detective knows

the colours of emotions


-------------------------------EPISODE #5------------------------------

do not fear the fear

when elements shake the world

your strength lies within

-------------------------------EPISODE #6------------------------------

easy to get stuck

pure sweet dreams of luring light

tasting fading dust

-------------------------------EPISODE #7------------------------------

a cavern of thoughts

outsider on the inside

believe in rituals

-------------------------------EPISODE #8------------------------------

looking for treasure

under the fading rainbow

always out of reach

-------------------------------EPISODE #9------------------------------

everything is quiet

in the heart of frozen wilds

longing for some pulse

-------------------------------EPISODE #10------------------------------

open the closed door

one meaningful step by step

silently cheering

-------------------------------EPISODE #11------------------------------

back to earth and grass

nature's breath filling my lungs

longing to lay down

-------------------------------EPISODE #12------------------------------

ready to take off

full of anticipation

no seatbelt needed

-------------------------------EPISODE #13------------------------------

someone else’s plan

biting on your cracking spine

get your blaster out

-------------------------------EPISODE #14------------------------------

caught in the circle

playing the part is the deal

do not close your eyes

-------------------------------EPISODE #15------------------------------

a wish is a wish

every magic has a price

don't trust the Genie

-------------------------------EPISODE #16------------------------------

paralyzed in dreams

every move strains the muscles

no real strings attached

-------------------------------EPISODE #17------------------------------

drowning in bubbles

laughing with soaking sadness

no end in plain sight

-------------------------------EPISODE #18------------------------------

goodbye means hello

the calm silence of retreat

space sabbatical

-------------------------------EPISODE #XX------------------------------

Es wird sich zeigen, ob es für alle Zeiten "Lebewohl" heißt oder nur kurz mal "Auf Wiedersehen". So oder so verabschiedet sich COSMICANDY nach 18 wilden Posts in sein wohlverdientes Space-Sabbatical...

Wird er irgendwo weitab unserer Erde neue intergalaktische Abenteuer erleben oder wird er einfach nur chillen? Wer kann das in diesem Moment sagen…?


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